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Chiropractic software - random text SOAP note generation

All chiropractic software users are invited to participate in our MyEMR® for Windows FREE promotion!  Download MyEMR® for Windows chiropractic software for chiropractic SOAP notes and get started with your documentation, right now, and absolutely FREE!  It even includes the CatchPhrase™ drag & drop narrative builder - FREE!  Internet forum based chiropractic software support is FREE!

Chiropractic software distributed as freeware:  All chiropractic software users are invited to download MyEMR® for Windows and CatchPhrase as a freeware public service.  Free Internet forum technical support is available.

24x7 on-demand software training Click here for free online video overview of MyEMR for Windows.  (Broadband Internet access is required.  If your computer's display is larger than 800x600, you will get perfect screen resolution.) 

MyEMR® for Windows and CatchPhrase™ are fully compatible with Windows 98*, Windows ME*, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.  (*We recommend users upgrade from Windows 98 or Windows ME because Windows 2000/XP/2003 are exceptionally stable as compared to Windows 98 or Windows ME, but upgrading is only friendly advice.)

MyEMR® for Windows includes random text generation with customizable verbiage, drag & drop editing with CatchPhrase™MyEMR® for Windows is built with new features added, but with all software locking restrictions removed to facilitate this freeware release.  This freeware is an unlimited multi-user, networkable software license to used freely on any of your computers.

Our next "level":  MyEMR® for the Pocket PC

For a mobile Pocket PC solution, when you're ready (with your Pocket PC) for the next "level" of chiropractic EMR (electronic medical record) solution, we're ready to serve you.  MyEMR® for the Pocket PC provides more advanced features when compared with MyEMR® for Windows.  Learn more...

MyEMR® for Windows integrates with EMR Datacenter for chiropractic billing, appointment and office management.

Register and download now!

MyEMR® for Windows filesize:
76.8 MB (80,626,136 bytes)

CatchPhrase™ filesize:
29.93 MB (31,386,968 bytes)

A CD-ROM of these free downloads is available for $7.50 shipping & handling, after the brief registration process.

MyEMR®:  Ready for the next level?

MyEMR for the Pocket PC

EMR Imagecenter: Document scanning and imaging

chiropractic billing software
Seamlessly integrated chiropractic software.

What about technical support and training?  Answer:  We have four flexible options including three FREE options!

We provide you four support options:

1. Visit our published help articles for free.
2. Free Frequently Asked Questions forum.
3. Search our technical Knowledge Base with full text search.
4. Unmetered telephone support for $325 for 12 months.

So why do we like this FREE grass roots promotion?  What's in it for us?  The answer is very simple:  Because YOU can help shape the future of the next generation of software for SOAP notes and narrative reports.  Through interacting with you on our Internet forum, you can help shape the future of our products.

What do our competitors think about our FREE promotion?

They really don't like it very much.  But we're not here to serve them.  We are here to serve YOU, by earning your confidence and trust - every day, every hour, every minute and during every interaction with YOU.

With Kindest Regards,

James Carlburg, President
Senior Software Engineer
for Software Motif, Inc.


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